And was I surprised? Was I surprised? Of course not. I'm too powerful. And beautiful. That's the part which hits the hardest. And what was I supposed to do? BOW DOWN? Of course not. Defeat is boring. Defeat is a result of expectations. I don't have any of those.


Not a vibe.


I make reality because I can see through it. 

EAT IT. I could do so, so, so, so, so, so, much DAMAGE! All I would have to do is make a phone call and I could sell all the mu'fu'n assets, mama! THINK OF ALL THE THINGS I COULD BUY AND THEN DESTROY! ART IS SO EXPEN$IVE!

Imagine someone talking themselves out of a parking ticket. Now multiply that penalty by, like,  10,000. Breakfast!BREAKFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! I can sell such delicious dirt on these old mens. 


Did you know that C***** F***** has a second family? Like a legit, wife, son, son, son, daughter, dog, dog, house, full grown family? Well, his other wife doesn't.













Do you hear me CACKLING?

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