A politician, relatively new to power and influence. He was struggling to find success in major races until 7 years ago, when his wife died during a campaign. The sympathy for him rose tremendously, and his election was decisive. He suddenly rose to a national spotlight, household name status, and general celebrity. He never processed the guilt and grief of this period of his life, causing him to drift away from his children, who were also hurting. He chose instead to invest his efforts and imagination into his new-found fame.


This fame caught the attention of the Step-mother, who quickly became his advisor and his connection to much more powerful members of the elite. Their connection grew into romance and he proposed. They married two years ago, re-igniting his celebrity and political momentum, spurring him to look into higher offices. His ambition keeps him away from his children, who are proving difficult to control, creating the risk that he would lose the appearance of having it all together. As a result, he and the Step-Mother work to appease the children as a means of keeping them out of the news.


His relationship with Baby, his youngest child, is strained, as he sent her to boarding school 7 years ago, and he has relied on the school to raise her, instead of taking on that task himself. His infrequent contact with Baby is something which he approaches with anxiety and reservation.


In the last few years, his benefactors have become very critical of his older 2 children, and he is tasked with keeping them under control and invisible to the masses. He is always at risk of losing all he has worked for, and his children are the key to his survival.