Child #1 was 16 when his mother died. He saw his father quickly rise to power and influence while disappearing from home. He became friends with the different assistants and advisors, growing into a highly intelligent and jaded political critic. He was suddenly able to explore an entirely new world of options: ivy league schools, elite connections to those in influence, and a straight-line source to gratification. He realized that the world of pleasure was more than a surface level activity, and that mortality was a dance, for which he could make the rules. His mother’s death was a signal that his life was his own, and he began exploring his own limits through escapism. He began designing drug experiences which would swing his body to the threshold of death then right back to health. His access to the purest pharmaceuticals made his playground of imagination come to life. He began landing himself in the emergency room, grasping to life, only to walk out with no symptoms a day later. He began finding directionless socialites at island retreats and offering a cure for their affluenza. Bringing them close to death, he would string them along as self-discovering zombies, creating spiritual experiences which would re-frame him as a sort of chaotic shaman. He never found evidence that life was as thrilling as the moment in which it was put at risk, so his experiments became more intense in duration and risk. The frequency at which he lost “patients” never bothered him, as their lives held little meaning in his pursuit of understanding death. He wanted to affirm if his mother was truly better being dead. Perhaps another experiment would give him the answers. Whispers started circulating that his parties were laced with death, and his Father received instruction to keep him out of the public eye. #1 is in love with escape and mortality, and as he can no longer experiment on the castaways of elite families, he sets his sights on the perfect test-subject: his father.