A thought-leader and philanthropist. As a child, she new her life was different because of her family’s extreme wealth. The daughter of industrialists, her future was secure at birth, and she has never had to consider a scenario in which her efforts would benefit or damage her lifestyle. Claiming to be “apolitical,” her interest in life has become a pursuit of “blooming,” taking into consideration the essence of human desire and nurturing it into the next stage of evolution.


She hosts annual conferences on psychology, neurology, and experimental medicine, and she invests her time and energy into understanding the lives of normal people. 5 years ago, her parents began a relationship with a young politician, as they often do in lobbying and creating legislation. He was in the process of becoming very well known, and she saw momentum as a perfect opportunity to apply her interests of personal growth and “blooming.” She saw the politician as acting from a place of material and spiritual deficit, and she knew that her position of endless resource would be much more suitable for his success. She was attracted to his charm, despite his relative poverty, and happily accepted his proposal of marriage (which she had arranged and organized). She sees her relationship with the children as one of friendship and mentorship, in which she does her best to give appropriate instruction, while decoding their alien-like symptoms and surprising emotion.


She sees Baby as an opportunity to raise someone who fears nothing and wants nothing. This leads to her pushing baby to “bloom.” She sees the older children as needing freedom and privilege, and she thinks they will, in return, support their father.

Follow the north star.