This is where I find them. 

I watch them jump into the sky with that sort of, "I really feel good" vibe.






I mean,

I don't think they're wrong. 

They probably do. 

but they could feel

so much better. 

That's what I offer.




I can show them what exists right past the edge of bliss. It's really not that crazy. Yeah, you can go to Peru and spend a month crying into a woven mat with some poli-sci Kaylieghs from Princeton. It's fun, no doubt. But it's like a birthday party. Once the candles go out, you realize you just spat all over your cake. 




I want you to feel like the fire will never go out. 




I want you to never spend another moment wondering what to feel. 




I got you. 





But it's not cheap.






Wanna party?