Child #2 was 14 when their mother died. They saw how quickly and easily their father used public sympathy to gain power, and almost immediately became transfixed on the structures of influence in their country. From this obsession with power, they began to question the validity of the structures of commodity, industry, and policy.

They saw how itchy and annoyed their Father would become as they asked about the ethics of capitalism, and they fell in love with the tension between their Father’s ambition, and the Step-mother’s enduring wealth.


#2 negotiated an aggressive allowance from both her father and her father’s lobbyists, and began their own experiments. As #1 started exploring drugs, #2 began exploring the fluid world of money. They started leaking documents to the press in different countries to destabilize the market value of her Father’s lobbyists. They started buying nefarious financial companies, targeting them at their friends, so that the rich socialites would have to hide their shame of being scammed. Wanting to build an audience for this, #2 touted their acts as art-work, and became influential for decadent works of extreme cost.


They would buy abandoned luxury cars from oil-rich countries, and then leave their dusty carcasses at the gates of oil barons estates. “Spill” was such a successful piece, that it received it’s own hangar-sized opening at Art Basel. During the event, #2 installed their own wifi-server to hack every phone in attendance, and then gradually releasing sensitive material for ransom. “Hi/Buy” was a very controversial work, but widely lauded for its challenge of the establishment.


The Fathers lawyers were furious with #2’s continual parades through the press, and #2s assets were frozen and transferred back as contributions to the Fathers campaigns. The step-mother, having never experienced the feeling of loss, used this teaching-moment to challenge the Middle child to meditate on wanting nothing from the outside, but to look inward for change and the seeds of blooming. The Middle child discovered their new project: Ruining their families’ wealth.